Sunday, June 26, 2011

Merlin: Casting Magic - Here Comes Arthur's Uncle Agravaine

A trio of names have been added to the cast for Merlin series four, including Phil Davis as a circus master with a secret in episode three and Gemma Jones as The Cailleach, who deals in the worlds of spirits as ti’s gatekeeper.
A more prominent role is in the cards for Nathaniel Parker as Agravaine, Arthur’s uncle as well as a member of the Round Table.

The actor had this to say about his character:

“I think mythologically-wise he is Arthur’s nephew. It doesn’t work with me being Bradley [James]‘ nephew, so I’m now his uncle. You know what happened at the end of the last series? Morgana, Morgause, a big battle – obviously Camelot won. So we tidy up that and I become a presence at court. Quite a dark and brooding presence.”
“I wouldn’t call myself evil, but I would call myself misunderstood. Only by Arthur. Actually, after 20 minutes you know exactly that [I'm playing a] a baddie, but you’re not allowed to say it too much, and obviously Arthur doesn’t know. It’s only Merlin and Gaius who really suspect, and really only Gaius at the beginning as well.”

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