Sunday, July 3, 2011

Merlin News & Rumors *MAJOR SPOILERS!*

We've been receiving several reports on some exciting news surrounding Merlin Series 4! First off, we'd like to thank the devoted fans who risk their VERY identities to bring in the latest spoilers so that we can enjoy them ahead of time. The following was sent in by Sir Mayhem, who is one of our top corespondents in finding out Merlin news, especially script leaks and without revealing Sir Mayhem's location, exclusive on-set reports. While much of the following should be noted as unconfirmed at this stage, we rely on Sir Mayhem to be accurate. As many of you know, Sir Mayhem leaked numerous plot-hooks for Merlin Series 3. Without a doubt, we trust our loyal spy, however as always is the case, they have asked us to pass along a forewarning: The spoilers are subjected to error; original concepts are sometimes altered or abandoned to suit the filming schedule and needs of the production team. Without further ado... here is what we're hearing:

Merlin's Visions of the future (seen in previous season) will be forthcoming to plots. (This could be linked to the visions in The Crystal Cave).

More will be seen of Percival, including hints about his background and personality. (Perhaps each main knight will have his own feature episode plot revolving around building character traits and history?)

The knights will play a larger role than last season, replacing the nameless, faceless soldiers in many cases. (Already there is clear indication of this. The Round Table was brought in the last series. It will be interesting to see if it is featured this time around).

As a Dragon Lord Merlin will again call upon The Great Dragon, making The Beast submit to aiding him. (It's likely Merlin's relationship with The Great Dragon will be reforged, making them closer friends and allies... although from The Great Dragon's perspective, it's difficult to imagine how genuine this may be??)

Excalibur appears, this time connected to Arthur. With Evil Uncle Agravaine trying to wield the power of the throne, Excalibur may be used to prove Arthur is the rightful King... The Sword In The Stone???!

Morgana's powers have grown stronger during the lapsed time-line. She will be seen as more powerful in magic than even her half-sister. (It has been said in a magazine scan interview that Morgana will be out for 'revenge' from the first episode on).

There will be a tournament in which the competition will be using magic with dark motives. (This seems very likely, as it has become Merlin tradition to feature at least one tournament related episode weaved with dark magic).

Morgana and Morgause will seek to kill Merlin. Arthur will not learn that Merlin is a target.

Merlin will ask Gwaine to aid him.

Leon's traditional knightly values will clash with Eylan's free rebel spirit.

Arthur and Gwen's "feelings" for each other will be further explored in detail.

Lancelot will go missing in action for a time. Details are sketchy as to why exactly, but the information suggests he will not be featured in every episode.

The Isle of The Blessed will be used in a big way for the two parter opening episodes.

Gwen has been caring for Uther. His opinion of the humble maidservant will soften as the series progresses.

Merlin will lose his powers... but magic isn't the only loss. (This seems to tie-in with supposed scene leak between Merlin and Lancelot).

Morgause's face is scarred from hitting the wall in the previous season. (Photos appearing online now confirm this. At the time when this rumor was sent, we didn't know for sure).

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